Humboldt County Delights: Top Activities and Destinations

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Nestled within the lush green forests and rolling hills of Northern California lies Humboldt County, a true haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. From breath-taking vistas and towering redwoods to charming coastal towns and scintillating wildlife, this county boasts a plethora of captivating attractions that lure tourists from all over the world.

With a unique blend of diverse cultures and tranquil natural beauty, Humboldt County offers an experience that is unmatched by any other destination in California. Whether you’re looking to hike through ancient forests, chill on the beach, or indulge in local cuisine, this county has something to offer everyone.

However, beneath the idyllic exterior lurk a few challenges that have cast a shadow on this picturesque paradise. In this opinionated article, we’ll explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of Humboldt County, and offer some suggestions on how we can make this a better place for all.

Best time to travel to Humboldt County.

We firmly believe that the best time to travel to Humboldt County in California is during the fall season. The weather during this time is cooler and more comfortable, making it perfect for hiking and exploring the beautiful redwood forests that the county is known for. The fall season also allows visitors to avoid the heavy crowds that flock to the county during the summer months, making it a more enjoyable and peaceful experience for travelers.

In addition to the ideal weather and reduced crowds, fall in Humboldt County also offers some of the most stunning and vibrant foliage displays. The trees and plants in the county begin to change colors and transform into a breathtaking kaleidoscope of oranges, reds, and yellows. This natural beauty is not to be missed, and we highly recommend planning a trip during this time to experience it firsthand.

Overall, while there are many times throughout the year to visit Humboldt County, we firmly believe that the fall season is the best time to do so. The combination of ideal weather, reduced crowds, and breathtaking fall foliage displays make for an unforgettable travel experience. So pack your bags and head to Humboldt County this fall – you won’t regret it!

Is Humboldt County safe?

We cannot deny that Humboldt County has had a bad rep for crime in the past. However, we firmly believe that the area is safe for anyone who visits as long as they take precautions, like in any other big city. It is important to be street smart, and this includes avoiding walking in dimly lit areas late at night or leaving valuables in plain sight.

Furthermore, crime statistics reveal that Humboldt County’s crime rate has decreased in recent years. The county authorities have also taken steps to increase the presence of law enforcement, and this has undoubtedly contributed to improving the overall safety of the area.

In short, we believe that Humboldt County in California is a safe area to visit, as long as you exercise a reasonable amount of caution. It is a beautiful place, full of scenic attractions and friendly people that make it a must-see destination.

How to travel to Humboldt County

As we consider traveling to Humboldt County in California, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of this destination. One of the most significant features that make this location stand out is its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning scenery. From the impressive ancient redwoods, verdant forests, and scenic coastlines, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring views to take in.

As we make our way to Humboldt County, we must be willing to embrace the natural splendor of the region. It’s an opportunity to put down our devices, let go of our day-to-day stresses, and connect with the natural world. With miles of hiking trails, picturesque biking routes, and breathtaking drives, this destination is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

In addition to its natural beauty, Humboldt County is also a haven for diverse cultures, fascinating history, and quirky local traditions. From exploring the region’s Native American heritage to indulging in delicious local cuisine, there’s a diverse range of experiences to discover. So as we prepare to travel to Humboldt County, let’s be open to experiencing all the unique wonders that this destination has to offer.

Best area to stay in Humboldt County

As seasoned travelers, we know all too well the importance of finding the perfect spot to settle in during our trips. When it comes to Humboldt County in California, there are a few areas that stand out as the best places to stay. However, it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in your travels.

For those who seek a true nature retreat, we highly recommend staying in or near Redwood National and State Parks. This area offers stunning views of towering redwoods, peaceful hikes, and serene campgrounds. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in nature.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more vibrant atmosphere, we suggest staying in the city center where you can experience the local culture and nightlife. Eureka, the largest city in Humboldt County, offers plenty of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Plus, it’s conveniently situated near beautiful beaches and natural attractions, making it an ideal base for exploring the area.

Overall, whether you prefer a quiet nature getaway or a lively urban adventure, Humboldt County offers a little bit of everything for any kind of traveler. It’s truly a gem on the California coast that you won’t want to miss.

How to get around in Humboldt County

As someone who has had the privilege of traveling extensively throughout California, I can confidently say that Humboldt County offers a unique experience that is hard to match. However, navigating this breathtaking region can be a bit tricky for outsiders. Fear not, fellow travelers–we’ve got the inside scoop on the best ways to get around in Humboldt County.

First off, if you’re looking for a stress-free way to get around the city, we highly recommend renting a car. Not only is this the most convenient option, but it also offers you the freedom to explore this beautiful region at your own pace. However, if you’re not keen on driving, public transportation is also a viable option. Humboldt County is serviced by an extensive bus network that connects all major cities and towns.

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to get around, biking is also a popular option in Humboldt County. With its scenic trails and bike-friendly roads, biking is a great way to get up close and personal with the stunning landscapes that make up this region. However, keep in mind that some areas can be quite hilly and challenging for inexperienced bikers.

In summary, there are several ways to get around in Humboldt County, each with its own unique benefits. Whether you choose to rent a car, take public transportation, or bike your way through this picturesque region, we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with all that Humboldt County has to offer.

Places to eat in Humboldt County

Redwood Yogurt

We simply cannot get enough of Redwood Yogurt! This little gem in Humboldt County is a must-visit for any foodie out there. Not only is their yogurt as creamy and delicious as it gets, but they also offer a wide selection of flavors and toppings that are sure to satisfy any craving. Plus, their commitment to using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients is truly admirable. Trust us, a visit to Redwood Yogurt will have you coming back time and time again.

Taqueria La Barca

We have tried many Mexican restaurants in Humboldt County; however, Taqueria La Barca is the one that stands out among all others. The restaurant offers a variety of authentic Mexican dishes that are delicious and flavorful. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Moreover, the portions are generous, and the prices are affordable. If you’re looking for an excellent Mexican dining experience, we highly recommend checking out Taqueria La Barca. It’s a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed!

Los Bagels

We have to tell you, folks, Los Bagels in Humboldt County is a must-visit spot for all the foodies out there. When you step inside, you’ll immediately fall in love with the vibrant atmosphere, eclectic decor, and the mouth-watering aroma wafting from the kitchen. The bagels here are undoubtedly the star of the show – chewy, flavorful, and baked to perfection, they are just the right kind of doughy goodness we crave. And let’s not forget about the delectable cream cheeses, the savory deli sandwiches, and the freshly squeezed orange juice that will delight your taste buds. Trust us, one visit to Los Bagels, and you’ll be hooked for life!

Things to do in Humboldt County

Hiking in Redwood National and State Parks

When it comes to outdoor activities, hiking in Redwood National and State Parks in Humboldt County, California is an absolute must-do. The beauty of the towering trees, the crisp air, and the peaceful ambience is unlike anything else you’ll ever experience. The hiking trails boast a sense of adventure that will leave you wanting more. It’s an irreplaceable experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re looking for a hike that will challenge your stamina and endurance, the High Peaks Trail is the perfect option for you. The trail covers over 7 miles and takes you through rocky terrain, steep inclines, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a rigorous hike, but the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you reach the summit is indescribable. And for those who are looking for something a bit more leisurely, the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail is an easy-to-moderate hike that offers stunning views of the redwoods and peaceful serenity.

Furthermore, hiking in Redwood National and State Parks is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime. The beauty of the landscape, the purity of the air, and the sense of serenity were unlike any other hike we’ve ever experienced. It is a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature in a powerful way. It’s a humbling reminder of the magnificence of our natural world and a must-do activity for anyone looking to add an awe-inspiring adventure to their bucket list.

Visiting the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge

As an expert writer, we simply cannot stress enough how breathtaking it is to visit the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It is an absolute must-visit location in Humboldt County, California, and an incredible destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

The refuge boasts an impressive range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species like the Aleutian Canada goose and snowy plover. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as hiking, kayaking, bird watching, and more. The stunning beauty of the landscapes, coupled with the sound of birdsongs and the fresh air, makes this refuge a true gem of the West Coast.

Visiting the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge truly creates an unforgettable experience. The rawness of nature mixed with the myriad of opportunities to explore and connect with wildlife is awe-inspiring. We cannot stress enough the importance of visiting this refuge and the role it plays in preserving our natural heritage. So, pack your bags, bring your camera, and get ready to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Surfing at Moonstone Beach

As passionate surfers ourselves, we know that the search for the perfect spot can be a never-ending quest. However, we can undoubtedly confirm that it’s worth dedicating some time to experiencing the incredible opportunity to surf at Moonstone Beach in Humboldt County, California. Its natural beauty, combined with favorable weather and wave conditions, make it a surfer’s paradise.

Not only does Moonstone Beach provide a unique and exceptional surfing experience, but it also offers an unforgettable atmosphere that is well worth the effort. The beach’s breathtaking scenery, with dramatic cliffs as a backdrop and crystal-clear water, creates an ambiance that is second to none. Here, surfers can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and indulge in the thrill of riding the perfect wave.

In general, Humboldt County is synonymous with surfing, attracting surfers from all over the world. Moonstone Beach is undoubtedly a standout destination that never disappoints. From its fantastic waves to its serene landscapes, the beach offers something for everyone. So if you’re a surfer or simply an adventurer searching for the ultimate experience, we highly recommend heading to Moonstone Beach and experiencing the thrill and beauty of surfing in Humboldt County.

Kayaking on Humboldt Bay

We cannot stress this enough– Kayaking on Humboldt Bay is an activity that everyone in California must experience at least once in their lifetime. Be it a serene or adventurous experience, this city has something for everyone. It’s a sanctuary of sorts, where one can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and marvel at nature’s prowess.

One of the key highlights of this experience is the exquisite scenery that the bay holds. Humboldt Bay is home to some of the most intriguing wildlife and stunning landscapes you’ll ever witness. Kayaking through its waterways not only gives you an incredible view but allows you to immerse yourself completely in the surroundings. As you paddle through the bay, you’ll come across towering redwoods, lush wetlands, and an array of birds soaring overhead.

Moreover, Humboldt Bay is home to a rich history that is palpable as you navigate your way through its waters. From the bustling fishing industry to the ancient logging trade, the bay has been integral to the region’s economy and growth. As you kayak, you’ll see old wooden docks and abandoned warehouses, a testament to the thriving trade that once existed. Kayaking on Humboldt Bay isn’t just a recreational activity, but it’s a chance to connect to the region’s history and heritage.

In conclusion, Kayaking on Humboldt Bay is an activity that offers an escape from the ordinary and a chance to be one with nature. It’s an experience steeped in history and offers a glimpse into the story of Humboldt County. So, if you’re looking for adventure or serenity, kayaking on Humboldt Bay is an activity you need to try.

Exploring the Lost Coast Trail

We cannot stress enough the surreal beauty that lies within Humboldt County’s Lost Coast Trail. It’s a haven for hikers and backpackers alike, offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, towering redwoods, and rugged coastline. The trail can be challenging, but the reward is unmatched – an experience that feels almost untouched and perfectly preserved.

But let’s be clear: the Lost Coast Trail is not for the faint of heart. It’s a trek that requires physical endurance, careful planning, and proper equipment. The trail spans a total of 25 miles, and there are no connecting roads or easy access points, which means you must be prepared to spend a few days on the hike. However, the sense of wonder and adventure you’ll feel once you reach your destination will make it all worth it.

Overall, exploring the Lost Coast Trail is an unforgettable experience that offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and seclusion of Humboldt County. It’s a journey that requires dedication, but one that is well worth the effort. So, if you’re up for the challenge and crave a sense of adventure, we highly recommend adding the Lost Coast Trail to your hiking bucket list – you won’t be disappointed.

Biking along the Hammond Coastal Trail

We cannot stress enough the importance of experiencing the Hammond Coastal Trail through a bike ride. Humboldt County is known for its picturesque landscapes and biking along the coastal trail is an experience of a lifetime. From the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean to the lush green forests, there is no better way to soak in the beauty of this region than by bike.

Moreover, biking provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and truly immerse ourselves in the environment. Studies show that being in nature has numerous mental health benefits including reducing stress and improving overall mood. We can attest to this, as we have personally experienced the calming effect of the ocean breeze and the fresh air during a bike ride along the Hammond Coastal Trail.

Finally, for those looking for an eco-friendly way to explore Humboldt County, biking along the Hammond Coastal Trail is the perfect way to do so. It is an environmentally conscious way of exploring the region while getting some physical exercise. So, grab your bike and come experience the beauty of Humboldt County through the Hammond Coastal Trail. We promise you won’t regret it.

Camping at Patrick’s Point State Park

When it comes to the ultimate outdoor experience, camping at Patrick’s Point State Park in Humboldt County, California takes the cake. This picturesque campground offers a unique blend of natural wonder and recreational opportunities that appeals to many. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this is the ideal location for a memorable camping experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Firstly, the towering redwoods and coastal bluffs provide a breathtaking backdrop for any camping activity. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into another world altogether, surrounded by ancient trees that seem to touch the sky and magical landscapes that create an enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, the park offers a diverse range of activities for every age group, including hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating. There is something for everyone to indulge in as they soak in the beauty of nature.

Lastly, the camping facilities at Patrick’s Point State Park are top-notch, including a well-maintained campground, restrooms, and shower facilities. The park has an authentic rustic feel with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, where you can focus solely on enjoying your experience. In our opinion, Camping at Patrick’s Point State Park should be on everyone’s bucket list if they are looking for a unique and unforgettable camping experience in California.

Whale watching tours from Trinidad

We cannot stress enough the importance of experiencing the beauty of nature through the incredibly unique activity of whale watching tours in Humboldt County, California. The thrill of seeing these majestic giants up close is indescribable and an experience that cannot be replicated. In addition, engaging in responsible tourism by supporting reputable whale watching tour companies furthers the conservation efforts of these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to forget the awe-inspiring natural world that surrounds us. Whale watching tours provide a much-needed escape from the mundane, a chance to immerse oneself in the natural splendor of the Pacific Ocean and the marine life that inhabits it. It is not just a recreational activity, but a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our world, and the need to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Critics may argue that whale watching tours are invasive and harmful to the animals, but responsible tour companies prioritize the safety and comfort of the whales by adhering to strict guidelines and regulations. Moreover, the revenue generated from these tours directly supports conservation efforts and promotes sustainable tourism. We must acknowledge the importance of responsible tourism and the role it plays in creating a harmonious balance between humans and nature, and whale watching tours from Trinidad are a perfect example of this.

Visiting the Fern Canyon

When it comes to must-see destinations in California, few experiences compare to visiting the Fern Canyon in Humboldt County. This natural wonder is truly a sight to behold, boasting towering walls of lush ferns that create a serene and breathtaking environment. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the majesty of nature, a trip to Fern Canyon is an absolute must.

What makes Fern Canyon truly special is the immersive experience it provides. You won’t simply be admiring the ferns from a distance; rather, you’ll be walking through them, taking in every inch of their grandeur up close. This means getting lost in a lush, green paradise that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s a truly rejuvenating and awe-inspiring experience.

Of course, no trip to Fern Canyon is complete without taking some time to explore the surrounding areas as well. Tourists can take in the stunning coastline, complete with towering cliffs and crashing waves, or check out the nearby beaches for some rest and relaxation. So, if you’re looking for an adventure that will leave you feeling revitalized and inspired, we can’t recommend visiting Fern Canyon enough.


After exploring the unique qualities of Humboldt County, California, we can confidently say that it is a place worth visiting. From the redwood forests and stunning coastlines to the vibrant arts scene and laid-back lifestyle, there is something for everyone in this beautiful region of Northern California.

While many may initially come to Humboldt County for its natural wonders, it is the sense of community and diversity that truly makes it stand out. Whether you are a nature lover, a foodie, an artist, or simply seeking a slower pace of life, Humboldt County offers a welcoming and inclusive environment that is sure to charm you.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a destination that offers both stunning natural beauty and a unique cultural experience, look no further than Humboldt County, California. This hidden gem on the Northern California coast is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories and a desire to come back for more.

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